Let’s Stop Testing Cosmetics on Animals in Maryland!

Image by Simona Robová from Pixabay

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California, Illinois, and Nevada passed laws that go into effect this year to ban the sale or import of animal-tested cosmetics. Hawaii, New York, Virginia, and New Jersey are in the process of passing similar legislation. Animal-tested cosmetics already are banned in the European Union, Israel, and India. As a result of the ban in the European Union, many international companies have eliminated the use of animals when testing their products.

In addition to being cruel and painful to the animals, there are scientific and economic reasons that the cosmetics industry is moving away from animal testing. First, animal sensitivity to cosmetics is not necessarily a true predictor of human sensitivity to those products. Second, there are alternatives to using animal subjects. Unilever, Avon, and Procter and Gamble have successfully used synthetic tissue to test the safety of their cosmetics. Moreover, doing testing on animals can be expensive as these animals have to be fed, housed, and given veterinary care. Finally, companies reap economic benefits as many current and new customers actively select cosmetics that are not tested on animals.

By passing this bill, Maryland is sending a message that our state embraces a humane model of corporate social responsibility.

This may seem like simply a “cosmetic change” but to the animals enduring those gruesome tests, it’s way more than skin deep.

Please contact your legislators and tell them that you SUPPORT HB 611!

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With compassion,

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