Welcome to Maryland Votes for Animals

The mission of Maryland Votes for Animals, Inc. is to create and support humane legislation, to engage animal advocates, and to work with legislators to promote animal welfare in Maryland.

We are a collective voice, central organization, and social network of concerned citizens who will work to:

  • Reduce animal cruelty by promoting the passage of legislation to combat animal abuse in Maryland.
  • Promote the election of representatives willing to champion and vote for humane legislation for Maryland’s animals.
  • Champion issues and educational programs focusing on the humane treatment of all animals.
  • Encourage greater representation of animal advocates within the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) decision-making process, including humane non-lethal alternatives to human/wildlife management issues.
  • Advocate for greater statewide funding and usage of non-lethal alternatives for wildlife management, pet overpopulation, and for promotion of humane free-range farming methods.

Featured Articles:

Lisa and Governor Moore

Governor Wes Moore Signs All Six of Our Bills!!

This was an exciting session as Governor Wes Moore signs all six of the following bills into law. A huge win for Maryland’s animals!

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Dog running with a stick

Crossing the Finish Line Strong: 2023 End-of-Session Humane Agenda Report

The 2023 Maryland General Assembly convened its first fully in – person session since March of 2020. With several key committee leadership changes, many newly – elected legislators, and a new Governor, there was strong momentum to pass legislation.

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Sad look of the old dog

We Need Your Help Again to Protect People and Pets Facing Eviction!

As evictions occur at record levels in Maryland, some families are coming home only to find that their beloved pets are gone. SB279/HB102, sponsored by Senator Jeff Waldstreicher and Delegate …

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Close up of dog bulldog in a cage.

Let’s Protect Maryland’s Animals Used in Laboratory Research!!

This bill would establish comprehensive guidelines and oversight to protect animals used in research and require that non-animal methods of research must be used whenever possible.

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