Maryland taxpayers and shelters should not have to pay the costs of caring for animals seized in cruelty cases!

Dog in cage

This bill establishes procedures to authorize an officer, agent of a humane society, a police officer, or certain other public official to recover reasonable costs of care from the owner or custodian of a certain seized animal.

Most states already have costs of care laws, including Pennsylvania, Virginia, Delaware, and West Virginia. SB 877/HB 1062 provides relief for animal control agencies and shelters facing fiscal challenges, as well as Maryland taxpayers, who should not be financially responsible for the animals seized in a cruelty case. Additionally, this bill allows for those seized animals, if determined by their owner to be too much of a financial burden, to be adopted into loving homes – instead of waiting months or years – for the case to be decided.

How often do we get to pass legislation that is both compassionate and fiscally responsible? This bill is both. By establishing a uniform system, all parties, including the accused, the animals, and the animal control agencies are protected.

Please contact your legislators and tell them that you SUPPORT SB 877/HB 1062!

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With compassion,

Maryland Votes for Animals, Inc.