Let’s Create an Incentive for Landlords to Accept Pets!


This bill would provide a tax credit for landlords who adopt pet-friendly leasing policies. While landlords would be able to impose restrictions on the number of companion animals residing with a tenant, they could not impose non-refundable pet fees or have breed or size restrictions on companion animals residing with the tenant. When claiming this tax credit, landlords would provide a list of their residential properties with pet-friendly policies that would be available to the public on the Comptroller’s website.

Finding affordable housing has been an on-going problem for pet owners. With Covid exposing weaknesses in the housing market, it is time to take a tangible step to help people who face housing insecurity. This bill is unique in that it creates a pilot program that operates by offering an incentive that is optional for landlords. The hope is that the program will be become popular not only with pet owners in search of pet-friendly housing, but also with landlords, who will enjoy both tax credits and potentially increased revenue as their policies attract the pet friendly community.

This bill is a win-win. It is a win for the families who can finally find affordable pet-friendly housing, and a win for landlords who get a tax credit for opening their doors to families with pets!

Please contact your legislators and tell them that you SUPPORT SB 443/HB 681!  

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Maryland Votes for Animals, Inc.