Tell the Maryland Wildlife Advisory Commission: Do NOT Expand the Black Bear Trophy Hunt in Maryland!

An alarming number of black bears killed by Maryland hunters in the past five years have been breeding-age females, a decimation that seriously threatens overall population dynamics and poses a particular threat to black bear cubs.

We also know that the number of bears killed each year has plummeted – but DNR has not done comprehensive population analysis to ensure the overall bear population is not plummeting at the same time!

black bear

Given the risk of such overhunting, we’re asking the Maryland Wildlife Advisory Commission to reject the proposed expansion of the black bear trophy hunt until an empirical study is conducted of the state’s black bear population. It’s wrong to use anecdotal data to estimate population numbers given the high uncertainty of their status in light of the last five years of hunting. This expansion is merely for “hunter opportunity” and could potentially have a detrimental effect on Maryland’s black bears.

Black bears need YOUR voice! Please send your comments to the Maryland Wildlife Advisory Commission and help protect the dwindling number of black bears in the state.

Thank you for standing up for Maryland’s Black Bears. With gratitude, Maryland Votes for Animals