Animal Bills May Stall as Maryland General Assembly Ends Early

Animal legislation has been getting strong support in 2020 from Maryland’s lawmakers. However, even after passing in their respective chambers, most of these bills will not have time to cross over and complete the process. In order to become a law, bills must pass in both chambers. The Governor then has 30 days to veto, sign, or let the bill go into effect without his signature. The Maryland General Assembly was scheduled to end at midnight on April 6th, 2020.  However, due to the concerns posed by the coronavirus, the Maryland General Assembly will end on May 18th and hold a special session at the end of May. The Maryland General Assembly leadership has said that they will focus on priority legislation, including passing the budget, which is required by the Maryland Constitution.
As of Sunday, March 15th, these bills have passed in one chamber of the Maryland General Assembly. We are unsure with the shortened session if they will advance further.

Organized Wildlife Killing Contests – HB 863 sponsored by Delegate Dana Stein passed the House 106-27.

Unattended Dogs in Extreme Weather – HB 406 sponsored by Delegate Mary Lehman passed the House 123-9. SB 627, the Senate version sponsored by Senator Ben Kramer did not advance out of committee.

Business Regulation – Retail Pet Stores – No More Puppy and Kitten Mills Act of 2020 – SB 625 sponsored by Senator Ben Kramer passed the Senate unanimously 45-0

Pesticides – Use of Chlorpyrifos HB 229 sponsored by Delegate Dana Stein passed the House 98-34. The Senate version of this bill SB 300 was sponsored by Senator Lam and passed the Senate earlier in the session 38-8.

Pets for Vets Act of 2020– SB 128 sponsored by Senator Bryan Simonaire passed the Senate unanimously 45-0.

Prohibition on Balloon Releases – SB 28 sponsored by Senator Clarence Lam passed the Senate 38-8. HB 13, the House version sponsored by Delegate Wayne Hartman passed the House 92-47.

Prohibition on Testing Cosmetics on Animals – SB 729 sponsored by Senator Clarence Lam passed the Senate unanimously 45-0.

Stay tuned for more details!! We will be sharing updates and an end – of – session report. Thank you for your advocacy for Maryland’s animals!