Let’s Stop Testing Cosmetics on Animals in Maryland!

Please contact your legislators and tell them that you SUPPORT SB 729!

This bill would prohibit animal testing in the development of a cosmetic as well as prohibit a manufacturer from selling or offering a cosmetic for sale in Maryland beginning July 1, 2021.

In 2020, laws to ban the sale or import of cosmetics on animals took effect in California, Illinois, and Nevada. Hawaii, New York, Virginia and New Jersey are in the process of passing similar legislation. Animal-tested cosmetics already are banned in the European Union, India, and Israel.

Alternatives to animal testing are available and being implemented. In many instances, lab – grown cells are being used to test whether a cosmetic is safe. Cosmetics giants such as Unilever, Avon, and Procter & Gamble are using a product called EpiDerm that is made from cells taken during medical procedures as a substitute for animal skin in their testing protocols.

Animal testing correctly predicts human reaction to cosmetics approximately 40 % – 60% of the time, as opposed to using alternative testing, which is accurate close to 80% of the time. Not only is animal testing inefficient, but also it can be expensive as animals have to be fed, housed, and given veterinary care.

It may seem like simply a “cosmetic change”, but to the animals enduring those gruesome tests, it’s way more than skin deep.

Image by Simona Robová from Pixabay

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With compassion,

Maryland Votes for Animals, Inc.