Tell Your Legislators – Say NO to Statewide Sunday Hunting!

SB 817/HB 1338: This bill would open public parks and lands in all Maryland counties in order to expand hunting on Sundays. This shift in public policy on Sunday Hunting and the use of public lands would be a bold, monolithic move that would affect the entire state. It would encompass diverse areas of the state with different topography, demographics, wildlife, and local versus rural concerns.

This legislation would presume that the interests of the residents of counties from Garrett, Allegheny, Montgomery, Talbot, Howard County, Baltimore County and Baltimore City were identical, or least very similar. Over the past few years, Baltimore and Howard Counties fought and defeated legislation to open up their counties to Sunday Hunting. Baltimore City, Baltimore, Howard, and Prince Georges Counties do not currently allow Sunday Hunting.

Our Maryland County Delegations continue to be the most effective advocates for the needs of their constituents regarding hunting issues in their own backyards. This issue should be not be mandated in a statewide one-size-fits-all bill.