Protect Maryland’s Animals by Strengthening Maryland’s Animal Sexual Abuse Law!

Did you know that it is not currently a crime in Maryland to advertise, traffic, or solicit animals for sex on the Internet?

Sexual molestation of animals, like rape, involves violence, control, and exploitation.

There needs to be a clear definition in Maryland Law about what constitutes sexual abuse to animals so that perpetrators of these crimes cannot escape punishment due to lack of clarity under the current law. Moreover, the law needs to penalize individuals involved with animal sexual abuse such as those who allow their pets to be sexually abused by others (usually for a profit) or force others to sexually abuse animals.

Animal sexual abuse is the single strongest predictor of increased risk for committing child sexual abuse. We need to strengthen Maryland’s law to protect animals and our children from these predators as well as anyone who profits from these practices.

Please contact your legislators and tell them that you SUPPORT SB HB 641!

Scared Dog
Photo by Bev Sykes on Flickr | License: CC BY 2.0 | Modifications: Cropped From Original Version

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