Maryland Votes for Animals Releases 2019-2022 Legislative Scorecard


Maryland’s legislators demonstrated a strong commitment to animal welfare by passing significant pieces of legislation to protect companion animals, farm animals, and selected species of wildlife in Maryland. We commend the hard work of our legislators over the past four years and appreciate that many of our bills passed with overwhelming support in each chamber.

Some of the key pieces of legislation include a Prohibition on Elective Declawing of Cats, Shelter for Dogs in Extreme Weather, Wildlife Trafficking Prevention, Costs of  Care for Animals for Animals Seized in Cruelty Cases, Extension of the Maryland Spay/Neuter Fund, Prohibition on Cosmetics Testing and Sales of Cosmetics Tested on Animals, Protection of Animals from Sexual Abuse, Banning Wildlife Killing Contests, Extending the Ban on Cownose Rays Killing Contests, Banning Intentional Balloon Releases, and the Keep Antibiotics Effective Act. We also passed legislation making it a crime to intentionally harm or kill service animals, provide veterinary care reimbursement for retired law enforcement K-9’s, close loopholes in the 2018 retail pet store law to include brokers, allow shelters to waive fees for veterans who adopt a dog or cat, and require training and continuing education for animal control officers in Maryland.

Our legislators know that when we pass legislation to help animals, we also improve the lives of the people who love them.

You can view the scorecard below, or download the full copy.