Let’s Protect Wild Animals from Being Exploited for Entertainment!

Selective focus of handlers performing

SUPPORT: Wildlife- Traveling Animals Acts- Prohibition – SB 547/HB 379!

The leaders in the circus industry have changed their models and eliminated the use of wild animals in their performances. They recognize that quality entertainment which will  amuse adults and delight children of all ages does not need to depend on a system where animals are taken from their native homes and subjected to the rigors of travel confined in small cages.

This bill would prohibit a person from allowing for the participation of a bear, cougar, elephant, jaguar, leopard, lion, nonhuman primate, tiger, or a hybrid of any of these animals in a traveling animal act.

As reported by the Baltimore Sun, the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus recently returned to Baltimore in November after a  6-year hiatus to charm audiences without the use of wild animals.

Let’s ensure that Maryland continues to be a place where our citizens can enjoy live performances without subjecting these animals to a life confined in small cages for long periods of travel and away from their fellow species.

Take Action to Protect Elephants, Bears, Tigers, and other wild animals from a lifetime of performing in captivity!!

Please contact your legislators and ask them to SUPPORT SB 547/HB 379!

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With compassion,

Maryland Votes for Animals, Inc.