Let’s Make History in Maryland!

Let’s put an end to the flow of dogs and cats from Puppy Mills into Maryland!

Join us at the Senate Finance Committee Hearing for HB 1662 on Thursday, March 29th at 1:00 pm.

3 East Miller Senate Office Building,  3rd Floor
11 Bladen Street
Annapolis, MD 21401

Don’t miss this exciting day as we gather to show our support for this legislation! Please share with your friends. The more the merrier!

Let’s make Maryland a state that says NO to profit from Puppy Mills!

This action has expired.

Maryland families should not worry that their pets may be physically unhealthy or emotionally distressed from puppy mills.

The Maryland General Assembly passed legislation to curb this flow of commercially-bred dogs and cats. The pet stores sell their dogs and cats from facilities that are either unlicensed or have multiple and repeated violations of the minimal standards required under Federal law. Unfortunately, many Maryland stores have failed to comply with the new disclosure requirements. They continue to get their animals from large-scale puppy mills.

This bill would prevent this harmful sale of dogs and cats at pet stores. Instead, it would encourage pet stores to partner with shelter and rescue groups to host pet adoption events at their stores. This change would allow pet stores to build their customer base, by selling pet food, pet supplies, and other services. This model has proven successful for many Maryland pet stores, that do not sell pets, as well as many national chains, such as Pet Smart.

Maryland breeders would not be affected by this bill and could continue to operate in Maryland. Marylanders who want a Labradoodle from a breeder would still be able to get that Labradoodle.  The goal of this legislation is to stop an inhumane form of commerce that treats dogs and cats like a commodity for sale in Maryland pet stores.

With uneven enforcement of the recent laws put into place to protect Maryland pet store consumers, there is little incentive for pet stores to modify the sources of their dogs and cats. As a result, pet stores can continue to profit from well-meaning pet lovers who do not realize that they are supporting the puppy mills that supply the pet stores.

Let’s make Maryland a state that says NO to profit from Puppy Mills!

Please SUPPORT No More Puppy – Mill Pups Act of 2018 – HB 1662.

Thank you again for being an advocate for Maryland’s animals. Remember, Maryland Votes for Animals, Inc. can only succeed with the help of animal advocates like you.