Information for Howard County Residents

Howard County Residents:  Speak out against Sunday Hunting and Reduction of the Safety Zone: Delegate Flanagan is introducing legislation ( HoCo 16-18) that would allow deer hunting on Sundays in Howard County for the first time in 300 years. The 99.9854% of Howard County residents who do not hunt deserve a safe day outdoors for recreation. This proposed bill also includes provisions to decrease the safety zone to as little as 100 yards from your home, barn or hiking trail, including in suburban residential neighborhoods.
No objective data has shown that Sunday hunting is effective in reducing the deer population, reducing Lyme disease or deer/auto accidents; in fact, Sunday hunting does not increase the number of deer killed, it just changes the days on which it’s done.
Howard County has always been a progressive community, and we have stopped Sunday Hunting twice in the past. We can and must do it again. Speak out now; there are already 6 days a week for almost 5 months a year to hunt and all we want is one hunting-free day on Sundays!
Call and email the Howard County Delegates (individually) to say you are against HoCo 16-18 that would allow Sunday Hunting and reduce the safety zone in Howard County.  Yes, we have stopped this before.
Just one vote can make the difference so do not delay.  Tell them to vote “NO” to HoCo 16-18.
 Howard County State Delegation
District 9A
Trent Kittleman                     410-841-3556           [email protected]
District 9A
Warren Miller                        410-841-3582           [email protected].us
District 9B
Robert Flanagan                 410-841-3077           [email protected]
District 12
Eric Ebersole                        410-841-3328           [email protected].us
Terri Hill                                 410-841-3378           [email protected]
Clarence Lam                       410-841-3205           [email protected]
District 13
Vanessa Atterbeary             410-841-3471           [email protected]
Shane Pendergrass            410-841-3139           [email protected]
Frank Turner                         410-841-3246           [email protected]
District 9
Gail Bates                              410-841-3671           [email protected]
District 12
Edward Kasemeyer             410-841-3653           [email protected]
District 13
Guy Guzzone                       410-841-3572           [email protected]