Governor Hogan Signs the Pets and First Responders Bill

Governor Hogan signing First Responders Bill SB269 HB216
Governor Hogan signing the Pets & First Responders Bill | Image Credit Office of Governor Larry Hogan Photo Gallery

The Pets and First Responders bill was our priority in the 2017 session. The bill gives First Responders civil immunity when they provide emergency medical care to animals. Thanks to our sponsors Senator Susan C Lee and Delegate Clarence Lam as well as the many First Responders and animal advocates in Maryland who worked so hard to pass this legislation!

Prior to this bill, it was a crime for anyone to treat animals without a veterinary license. In fact, it was a misdemeanor with penalties including jail time and fines. This bill will protect our First Responders and empower them to treat our pets in an emergency without hesitation ultimately increasing their chances for survival.