Anti-Tethering Laws


“Anti-chaining laws help protect dogs from cruelty and enhances public safety by preventing aggressive animal behaviours that can result from inhumane tethering.” — Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Imagine living your entire life as a prisoner at the end of a chain or in a small pen, just because that is what your “family” has decided for you.  Hour after hour, day after day, season after season, year after year, you are alone with no companionship, no exercise, no interaction with anyone except maybe a once-a-day feeding and a water refill—if you’re lucky.

You swelter in summer heat, shiver in the cold winter winds.  A doghouse cannot protect you from the frigid chill you feel in your bones-and in your heart.  Most of all you are unbearably lonely because dogs are social animals.

Other dogs chase balls, get petted, meet new friends, get silly, are comforted during thunderstorms, get relief from rashes.

You wish you could live like other dogs.  You wish someone would come and rescue you.  And now, thankfully, someone is coming…

Maryland Votes For Animals is committed to rescuing chained dogs through legislation.  That’s because the situation described above is perfectly legal.  As long as the dog is being fed, has access to water, has a 3-sided shelter, and is not being physically beaten or similarly abused, our laws—as currently written–allow this sad situation to continue.

But what if we joined together to ban this practice by by getting legislation passed to outlaw it in the Maryland General Assembly?  What if we joined together to elect legislators who will support a law to end 24/7 dog chaining and penning?  What if all the dogs in your neighborhood, in your city, and in your state were freed from their chains and pens, treated like “family members” and allowed to live a happy dog’s life?

If you care about animals, please DO THIS NOW!

Please join and support Maryland Votes For Animals so you will be kept informed about the progress of this and similar bills to protect dogs.  Also, you’ll be updated on the voting record of your elected officials so you’ll know whether they are a help or a hindrance in getting humane legislation passed.  Then you can vote accordingly.  Then, and only then, will Maryland become the humane, animal-friendly state we all want it to be.