Stop the flow of dogs and cats from puppy mills into Maryland!

Maryland passed historic legislation in 2018 becoming the second state to ban the sale of puppies and kittens in Maryland pet stores, with the intention of closing the door to the puppy mills industry. Unfortunately, several Maryland stores continue to sell puppies in direct violation of the law.

SB103 strengthens and expands that prohibition to tighten up language around “open to the public,” which stores are incorrectly claiming allows them to sell by appointment. Second, the bill restricts the sale of animals by brokers, which should prevent these stores from simply pivoting and selling their puppies online.

Let’s close the loopholes in the 2018 law.  We want to ensure that Marylanders are not supporting a cruel industry that treats puppies and kittens like inventory —– and not our best friends.

Let’s make Maryland a state that says NO to profit from puppy mills!

Please SUPPORT Business Regulation – Modifications (No More Puppy – and Kitten – Mills Act of 2021) – SB 103

Image by Amaya Eguizábal from Pixabay

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With compassion,

Maryland Votes for Animals, Inc.