Governor Wes Moore Signs All Six of Our Bills!!

This was an exciting session as Governor Wes Moore signs all six of the following bills into law. A huge win for Maryland’s animals!

Photo Credit: Joe Andrucyk, Patrick Siebert

Funding Human Relevant Research SB560/HB626 Senator Guy Guzzone, Delegate Bonnie Cullison. First in the nation, this bill requires entities conducting research on animals to be charged a fee on animals used for testing with proceeds to be used for grants to expand human relevant research and develop alternatives to animal testing.

Photo Credit: Joe Andrucyk, Patrick Siebert

Evictions – Protections for Pet Owners HB102/SB279 Delegate Dana Stein, Senator Jeff Waldstreicher. Establishes procedures to protect pets and creates a process to ensure that pet owners are informed about their rights and responsibilities regarding their pets in the event of an eviction.

Photo Credit: Joe Andrucyk, Patrick Siebert

Wildlife Advisory Commission SB320/HB188 Senator Ben Brooks, Delegate Julie Palakovich Carr. Sets requirements for the membership of Maryland’s Wildlife Advisory Commission to include biologists, conservationists, and recreational users as well as hunters to make balanced decisions regarding hunting, trapping, and fishing.

Photo Credit: Joe Andrucyk, Patrick Siebert

Trapping Reforms SB275/HB406 Senator Jack Bailey, Delegate Sara Love. Provides accountability for trappers by requiring that all traps are tagged with the license number of the trapper who set it and ensures that the department of Natural Resources is utilizing its Wildlife Crime Stoppers hotline to prevent trapping incidents.

Photo Credit: Joe Andrucyk, Patrick Siebert

Black Bear Conflict Prevention SB310/HB378 Senator Chris West, Delegate Sara Love. Protects Black Bears bears by updating the State’s Black Bear Damage Reimbursement Fund to become a proactive tool to prevent bear conflicts and is open to residents and towns as well as farmers.

Photo Credit: Joe Andrucyk, Patrick Siebert

Veterinary Shortage SB390/HB325 Senator Karen Lewis Young, Delegate Jen Terrasa. Creates a certification process to allow trained individuals to give rabies vaccines in shelters and rescues and create an expedited process to allow out-of-state veterinarians to become licensed in Maryland.