Our Humane Candidate Endorsement Process

A Champion for Animals

Maryland Votes for Animals, Inc. endorses candidates who are committed to the humane treatment of all animals and who will be the best and most effective voices for animals in Maryland. These candidates have demonstrated support, and often leadership, on legislation to improve the lives of animals in our State.

We score candidates based on their voting records as well as their commitment to companion, wildlife, and farm animal legislation in the Maryland General Assembly over the past four years. We feel that voting history, as opposed to a questionnaire where candidates can tailor their answers to fit a specific agenda, is the most objective and accurate means to determine how much of a priority animal welfare issues are to candidates.

Endorsements are not based upon party affiliation. Maryland Votes for Animals, Inc. makes endorsements in both major parties, although not necessarily in all districts or races.

 For more information on candidate endorsements, contact us.