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Why it's Important to Know your Legislators' Voting Records

Maryland is not lacking in people who care deeply about animals.  However, Maryland is lacking in people who know how their legislators vote on animal protection bills.  That's a big reason why Maryland ranks 43rd in animal protection - because we've not taken the time to follow our lawmakers' voting records and vote them out of office if they don't support animal protection. 

All it takes to improve animal protection in Maryland is four easy steps:

  1. Click HERE to see your representatives' voting records for the three terrific animal protection bills that passed in 2013:  Spay/Neuter Fund, Bait Dog Bill and Shark Finning Bill.

  2. Make sure you know the names of your legislators and how to contact them when we send out an action alert.  (You can easily find your legislators HERE and entering your address.)

  3. Click on our "Humane Scorecard" to see how they voted in previous sessions of the Maryland General Assembly.  The Scorecard even gives every legislator a ranking so you can easily see how strong (or weak) they are on animal protection.

  4. At the next election, go to our website to see our list of endorsed, animal-friendly candidates and then vote for the candidate who has a strong record of animal protection.  That's how we end animal suffering and make Maryland a humane state.

The animals would thank you, if they could.Thank you!


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