Candidate Endorsement Process

MVFA-PAC looks for candidates who are committed to the humane treatment of all animals, and who will be the best and most effective voice for animals in Maryland.

MVFA-PAC endorses candidates who (1) support MVFA issues regarding the humane treatment of animals; (2) have demonstrated leadership on humane issues; and (3) are viable candidates with a reasonable chance to win.

A candidate campaign should demonstrate professionalism and a plan for victory.  MVFA analyzes information provided by the campaign, and may consult with others in determining whether a candidate meets the criteria for endorsement.  If an initial endorsement is not made, MVFA continues to monitor the race to determine if an endorsement may be warranted at a later time.

In order to be eligible for consideration, a candidate must be qualified according to Maryland election laws and answer the MVFA questionnaire.  MVFA understands that every race and every local political context is unique.  If a candidate has concerns about how his/her views fit with MVFA’s stance on the humane treatment of animals, the candidate is encouraged to answer the questionnaire and discuss the concerns during the endorsement process.

Endorsements are not based on political party affiliation.  MVFA makes endorsements in both major parties, although not necessarily in all districts or races.

For more information on candidate endorsements, contact us.