2014 ELECTION RESULTS – Maryland Votes For Animals Humane Candidate Endorsements

Maryland Votes For Animals extends a Warm Congratulations to the 61 Humane Candidates on their Victory in the 2014 Elections for the Maryland General Assembly!

Ninety-one percent (91%) of MVFA-endorsed candidates Won!

Please don’t forget the animals and our thousands of members who voted humane and supported your commitment to the Humane treatment of Animals.

We look forward to working with a Maryland General Assembly that will work to stop animal cruelty.

Winning Humane Candidates listed below and detailed election results can also be found at BOARD OF ELECTIONS

Thank You for Voting Humane!
Ninety-one (91) percent of Humane Candidates Won!

Maryland Votes For Animals endorses candidates for the Maryland General Assembly who are committed to fighting cruelty and passing stronger animal protection laws. Be sure to let your elected officials know that you expect them to support animal protection laws if they want your vote!

Join MVFA for up-to-the-minute notice of critical matters affecting animals in your District.

MVFA 2014 Endorsed Candidate WINS
Maryland Votes For Animals

Senate DistrictFirst NameLast Name
Senate District 03Ronald N.Young
Senate District 07J. B.Jennings
Senate District 08KatherineKlausmeier
Senate District 13Guy J.Guzzone
Senate District 14Karen S.Montgomery
Senate District 15Brian J.Feldman
Senate District 16Susan C.Lee
Senate District 18RichardMadaleno
Senate District 19RogerManno
Senate District 20JamieRaskin
Senate District 21JimRosapepe
Senate District 24Joanne C.Benson
Senate District 25UlyssesCurrie
Senate District 38JimMathias
Senate District 40Catherine E.Pugh
Senate District 41LisaGladden
Senate District 42JimBrochin
Senate District 43Joan CarterConway
Senate District 46BillFerguson
House DistrictFirst NameLast Name
House District 03 AKarenYoung
House District 07PatMcDonough
House District 10BenjaminBrooks
House District 11DanMorhaim
House District 11Dana M.Stein
House District 11ShellyHettleman
House District 12TerriHill
House District 12ClarenceLam
House District 13Frank S.Turner
House District 13ShanePendergrass
House District 14EricLuedtke
House District 15ArunaMiller
House District 15DavidFraser-Hidalgo
House District 16ArianaKelly
House District 16BillFrick
House District 17Kumar P.Barve
House District 17JimGilchrist
House District 17AndrewPlatt
House District 18JeffWaldstreicher
House District 18AlCarr
House District 19Marice I.Morales
House District 20Sheila E.Hixson
House District 20WillSmith
House District 20DavidMoon
House District 21Barbara A.Frush
House District 21JoselinePe–a-Melnyk
House District 22Alonzo T.Washington
House District 22AnneHealey
House District 26KrisValderrama
House District 27AJames E. Jr.Proctor
House District 30AMikeBusch
House District 30AHerbMcMillan
House District 31BNicholaus R.Kipke
House District 32Theodore J.Sophocleus
House District 32PamelaBeidle
House District 32MarkChang
House District 39CharlesBarkley
House District 39KirillReznik
House District 39ShaneRobinson
House District 40Barbara A.Robinson
House District 42BSusan L.Aumann
House District 43MaggieMcIntosh
House District 45Cheryl D.Glenn
House District 46BrookeLierman
House District 47ADianaFennell
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